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Puffco Dabbin' Cabin V2

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This Dabbin Cabin is designed specifically for the Puffco Pro! Features an optional Qi Charger Cutout, to allow wireless charging and Ready Mode. It also features a 2 Dabber Slots, 2 Carb Cap Slots, Q-Tip Storage and a 10ml Iso Vial! Features and option to swap one Dabber Slot for the new Puffco Hot Knife!


  • Apple Magsafe Charger Cutout (Charger not included)
  • 2 Dabber Slots
  • 2 Carb Cap Slots (14MM)
  • Q-Tip Storage
  • 10ml Iso Vial (Included)

Magsafe Qi Charger and Puffco Pro not included

Recommended to be used with Apple's Magsafe Charger, Puffco Charging Block, USB to C-USB 3 Adapter.