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Puffco Stabilizer Station

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A full station stabilizer that'll keep your Puffco secure no matter what! Offering a tight seal with both the Original Puffco Peak and the Pro, its a great add on no matter which you own!

Features Q-Tip storage, Dabber Slot, and an Iso Vial (Included!).

Available in a wide range of colors, choose a Clear/Transparent/Glow in the Dark Material to allow the Puffco Lights to shine through!

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  • 3D Printed Puffco Peak Stabilizer
  • Q-Tip Storage
  • Dabber Slot
  • Iso Vial
  • Works with Puffco Peak v1/Pro
  • Optional Qi Charger Cutout (Only for Puffco Pro) 

Magsafe Qi Charger Option is designed for the Puffco Pro!

Recommended to be used with Puffco Pro, Apple's Magsafe Charger, Puffco Charging Block, USB to C-USB 3 Adapter (Included).