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Color Guide

This is our complete list of current available colors and materials! Check back often, as this list is constantly updated with new additions! (Scroll down, there is a lot available!)

Material Types: Solid Colors, Metallic Colors, Clear/Transparent Materials, Glow in the Dark/UV Reactive, Sparkle Materials, Wood Materials, Heat Changing Colors

Solid Colors (Listed in order of picture):

Black, Matte White, Pearl White, Light Blue, Blue, Red, Yellow, Green, Lime Green, Orange, Pink, Dark Purple

Metallic Colors:

Gold, Silver, Bronze

Clear/Transparent Materials:

Transparent Purple, Semi Transparent Red, Clear, Transparent Blue, Transparent Yellow

These Materials will allow light to shine through! Looks great with a Puffco Pro! Transparent Purple/Red/Blue will let light shine through but not as well as Clear. 

Glow in the Dark:

Glow in the Dark Gradient, Glow in the Dark Green, Glow in the Dark Blue

All Glow in the Dark colors look the same in daylight, but will shine in the dark! They need to "charge" before glowing, but they charge quickly! Try a UV Flashlight or Blacklight for the best results!


UV Reactive: 

Starry Night

Starry Night is the only truly UV Reactive Color, due to the UV Reactive Glitter in the material! 

Other UV Reactive Materials: Orange, Lime Green, Heat Changing Green to Yellow, Heat Changing Purple to Red, Heat Changing Blue/Purple to Red

These Materials shine brightly under UV as well!

Sparkle Materials: 

Sparkle Black, Sparkle Blue, Sparkle Silver, Sparkle Purple, Sparkle Blue to Silk Silver Gradient

These all have a glittery additive embedded throughout the material, and shine nicely! 

The last material listed is a Gradient material, and the color changes are hard to predict. It is recommended for larger items such as the Cupholder Stations or Dabbin' Cabins. Smaller items like Slide Stands may not change color given their size. 


Wood Materials:

Light Wood, Dark Wood, Ebony

These Materials are a Wood/Plastic Hybrid, and are reminiscent of Lincoln Logs! These materials are currently only available in Dabbin' Cabin Products, but will soon be available for every design!

Heat Changing Colors:

Blue/Purple to Pink, Green to Yellow, Purple to Red, Orange to White

These Materials will change color based on heat, for example the Purple to Red material looks Purple at normal temperatures but will turn Red when warm! Changes very quickly under warm water, and putting it in the freezer for 30 seconds will restore the original color!