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Compact Cabin (Multi Color)

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The Compact Cabin is for those who want the Dabbin' Cabin experience without giving up space at their dabstation or on their dab tray!

This option is Multi Color, allowing you to select the color for each log! Please note that Color is selected from the Top Log to the Bottom Log!

Featuring 2 14mm Nail/Carb Cap Slots, Iso Vial, 2 Dabber Slots and Q Tip Storage!


  • Q Tip Storage
  • 2 14mm Slots (Great for Nails or Caps!)
  • 10 ml Iso Vial (Vial Included)
  • 2 Dabber Slots

Color Guide: (Shown in Rasta and Black and White)

Log 1-(Top Log, Red for Rasta)

Log 2-(2nd from Top, Shown in Yellow for Rasta)

Log 3-(3rd from Top, Shown in Green for Rasta)

Log 4-(4th from Top, Shown in Red for Rasta)

Log 5-(5th from Top, Shown in Yellow for Rasta)

Log 6-(Bottom Log, Shown in Green for Rasta)