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Puffco Peak Pro Charging Dock Station

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The Puffco Peak Pro Charging Dock Station carries all you need to sesh, for days at a time. With ample Q-Tip Storage you've got spots for Clean and Dirty Q-Tips, with a 10ML Iso Vial to go along too. This station also features a 1oz Baller Jar or 1G Wax Dish, 2 Carb Cap Slots, 2 Dabber Slots (10MM) and a Hot Knife Slot! 


Hot Knife Slot can be replaced with a Dabber Slot (10MM) for a total of 3 Dabber Slots.

Concentrate Storage Slot gives you the option between a 1oz Baller Jar and a 1 G Wax Dish


  • Puffco Peak Charging Dock Slot (With Grooves to keep in sturdily in place)
  • Q-Tip Storage (Clean or Dirty!) 
  • 1oz Baller Jar (Included)
  • 10ml Iso Vial (Included)
  • 2 Carb Cap Slots (14.5MM Fits Oculus/Puffco Bubble Caps)
  • 2 Dab Tool Slots (10MM)
  • 1 Hot Knife Slot (Optional, can be replaced)


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