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Puffco Stabilizer

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A sleek standalone stabilizer that'll keep your Puffco secure no matter what! Offering a tight seal with both the Original Puffco Peak and the Pro, its a great add on no matter which you own!

Available in a wide range of colors, choose a Clear/Transparent/Glow in the Dark Material to allow the Puffco Lights to shine through! 

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  • 3D Printed Puffco Peak Stabilizer
  • Optional Tool Holder
  • Optional QI Charger Cutout
  • Works for Puffco Peak V1/Pro

Magsafe Qi Charger is designed for the Puffco Pro!

Recommended to be used with Puffco Pro, Apple's Magsafe Charger, Puffco Charging Block, USB to C-USB 3 Adapter (Included).